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    Full of first-person accounts and primary source material, this portrait of Bill W. recounts his journey from Vermont youth to Wall Street success story to hopeless drunk — until a series of remarkable events allowed him to stop drinking and to co-found Alcoholics Anonymous.

    We follow Bill through his tireless work for the Fellowship: the publishing of the Big Book, the development of the Twelve Traditions, the formation of the General Service Conference. Closing chapters walk us through Bill’s final years of challenge and change. With 39 archival photographs.

    B-9 – Taxes included.

    “Pass It On”

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    Booklet that tells the story of the writing and the publication of the English, Spanish and French editions of the Big Book.

    Three languages — English, Spanish and French — are contained in one book.

    M-73 – Taxes included.

    A Brief History of the Big Book (Trilingual)

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    Originally developed as the souvenir book for the 2020 International Convention, this highly illustrated tour through A.A.’s history is told in hundreds of Iconic images never before published in one volume. Illuminating descriptions walk us through powerful moments in A.A.’s history — from the people, places and things integral to A.A.’s early growth, and forward to today’s vibrant, international Fellowship. Includes a special focus on Detroit in A.A.’s history and updated coverage of recent innovations in A.A. group life.

    B-85 – Taxes included.

    A Visual History of A.A.

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    Bill W. tells the story of how the A.A. Fellowship grew, from its beginnings in New York and Akron to its spread across the country and overseas. Through the lens of the Three Legacies of Recovery, Unity and Service, Bill explains how the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts for World Service evolved.

    Closing chapters share the perspectives of early “friends of A.A.,” including Dr. Silkworth and Father Ed Dowling. With 16 pages of archival photographs.

    B-3 – Taxes included.

    A.A. Comes of Age

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    Bill W.’s 1946-1947 Grapevine articles on the Traditions trace the evolution of principles for A.A. unity and growth.

    P-17 – Taxes included.

    A.A. Tradition – How it Developed

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    In this foreword to The A.A. Service Manual, Bill W. describes the beginnings of group and general services, the origin of the Traditions, and the birth of the Conference.

    Topics included:

    • What is the basic A.A. service?
    • The Fellowship’s responsibility
    • The pioneers’ battle for the Big Book
    • News stories and sudden A.A. growth
    • Beginnings of group and world services
    • Origin of the Twelve Traditions
    • G.S.O. today
    • Birth of the General Service Conference

    P-44 – Taxes included.

    A.A.’s Legacy of Service

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    Filled with interviews with friends and family, this deeply researched biography follows A.A. co-founder Dr. Bob S. from his New England childhood to his days as a surgeon and father who couldn’t stop drinking; to his transformative meeting with Bill W. and the birth of A.A. in Akron; and finally to his untimely death in 1950. The early history of Alcoholics Anonymous in the Midwest is chronicled along the way. With 26 archival photographs.

    B-8 – Taxes incluses.

    Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers

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    The Beginnings of A.A. in Quebec – Archives’ Collection. Illustrated booklet telling the story of how A.A. reached Quebec through Dave B. A gold mine of Alcoholics Anonymous history in Quebec!

    D-23 – Taxes included.

    The Charisma of an Ambassador (Dave B.)

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    Brief biographical sketches of Bill W. and Dr. Bob, together with their last major talks.

    P-53 – Taxes included.

    The Co-Founders of A.A.

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